A global campaign to raise awareness about violence against women
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Photo courtesy of Serhan Keser    
YEMEN: I wasn't sure how she would react to me wanting a picture of her with this sign but she was more happy about having this photo taken than any other and told me to "Send it all over the world. I hate these people who give us a bad name". -- Stuart Butler

School Boys, Cairo 2008 photo: Cheyla McCornaqck

Photo by Thomas Aleto, Rio Balsas region of Guerrero Mexico 

Banhup Teh PhotographyBanhup Teh Photography

Ghana, 2008, photo by Mitch Bartee

"Gimskoet Wagoush"--Canada"Gimskoet Wagoush"--Canada


Girl Power--Avery Hunter, USA


 Jane at Fort Jesus--Tanzania and Roadtrip to Mombasa 2010, Photo courtesy of Attila Greff


Memorial honoring murdered and missing women of Juarez, Mexico






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