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What Your Colleagues Are Doing

The Silver Braid is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation under the umbrella Voices for Justice. Our goal is to help bring healing to those that have been victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Our outreach networks throughout the United States help locate victims of sexual exploitation and provide them with the services that help prevent re-victimization. Our network also assist survivors in getting out of the sex industry, finding new job skills and receiving a variety of other services that they need to redesign their lives to be able to live a healthy life.


The Multilingual Access Project’s (MAP) mission is to eliminate family violence and to strengthen families & communities. We provide linguistically accessible & culturally relevant services to non or limited English speaking people who have experienced or are experiencing DV or sexual assault. MAP has been busy this year developing a website in 10 languages, creating safety cards translated into the same 10 languages, and hosting a Language Institute for immigrants/refugees to increase the pool of language advocates (interpreters who are trained advocates) for MAP programs.

Visit their new website at: www.map-seattle.org currentlyavailable in Chinese, Korean, Russian, Amharic, Cambodian,Vietnamese, Tagalog, Somali, and Spanish.

Coming Soon: Amharic, Cambodian and Hindi languages andsafety cards


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We can all make a difference

Making History in Sweden!

17th of September is a special day. On this day, there is a general election to the Swedish Parliament. 349 seats are at stake for the coming period of four years. On this day, there is a good chance that the Feminist Initiative will gain seats in Parliament.

For the first time in history, there is a chance that a feminist party, with a feminist agenda, will take place in a national parliament. This is a momentous occasion. It is nothing short of a revolution. It is something that could improve the situation of women around the world in many different ways. It would prove that feminism can no longer be ignored in politics.

But there is still a long way to go.

Will we ever see a
Feminist Party in the U.S?




The "Anti Trafficking Center" (ATC) is a citizens’ association with a mission of promoting universal human rights in Serbia and Montenegro and the region. ATC is a non-governmental, non-profit organization which is dedicated, through its programs, to eradicating trafficking in human beings, with a special emphasis on the CAUSES of the problem of trafficking, such as gender-based violence, poverty, unemployment, and the lack of suitable opportunities.
As a feminist non-governmental organization which is active in the field of combating human trafficking in the broadest possible sense, together with men we use the expert knowledge that we have accumulated in order to continue operating as a center which organizes lectures and gives information to women, girls and vulnerable men, including men as allies in the struggle against gender-based violence, as it is one of the main causes of trafficking and inequality in general. At the same time we operate as a training center for governmental and non-governmental organizations. At the same time, we are focused on supporting partner organizations so that they could develop and apply their own programs for the prevention of violence, trafficking in human beings in their local communities, at universities, in schools, and in institutions where they are active. In this way we encourage both the institutions and partner organizations, and also the leaders of local communities, to look under the surface and get an understanding of the causes of problems in our society: gender-based violence, poverty, discrimination, sexism, violence against marginalized groups e.g. sex workers; but also the questions that are exceptionally important and interconnected – the issues of nationalism and militarism, responsibility and facing the truth about war crimes committed in the last decades. Our programs develop in accordance to the needs of our beneficiaries and the society in which we live.

The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces

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The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) promotes good governance and reform of the security sector. The Centre conducts research on good practices, encourages the development of appropriate norms at the national and international levels, makes policy recommendations and provides in-country advice and assistance programmes. DCAF's partners include governments, parliaments, civil society, international organisations and the range of security sector actors such as police, judiciary, intelligence agencies, border security services and the military. (Reprinted from Web Site, www.dcaf.ch, 9/5/06)

DCAF works on the problem of violence against women around the globe. This year they published an important resource book, Women in an Insecure World, which includes facts, figures and analyses of the problem.

The books Executive Summary states:
In our work we are confronted by the reality that security and safety are not equally enjoyed by men and women. The victims of the collapse of the state monopoly of legitimate force, of war and conflict, and of an unreformed security sector are to a large extent civilians, very often women and children. DCAF decided it was critical to look at its subject matter from this perspective. We must recognize and understand these inequities if we are to come up with proposals for change.

Women in an Insecure World takes stock of the scope and magnitude of violence experienced by women. It highlights the active role women can have in peacemaking and post-conflict reconstruction. For what makes women’s role in combating violence indispensable is that they demonstrate the capability of overcoming the trauma of violent acts, to survive and help in the survival of others, and to contribute actively to building peace. The book provides analytical data and statistics, legal documents and policy recommendations complemented by feature stories and illustrations.

(Reprinted from Web Site, www.dcaf.ch/publications, 9/5/06)


This organization is dedicated to the thousands of women survivors who were sexually assaulted while serving in the military and never spoke up.

(Reprinted from Web Site, www.vetwow.com, 9/5/06)

WOW Purpose Promote safety of American military troops, and Homeland Security troops (Coast Guard) by educating government officials and representatives on dynamics of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and working to change current policies, procedures, and laws regarding MST through the White House, Congressional inquiries, the Pentagon and beyond.

Promote prosecution and incarceration and monitoring of active duty sex offenders through victim advocacy to include legal and media representation.

Promote healing of MST victims by guiding them through the arduous process of obtaining military discharges and retirements, Veterans Administration disability compensation, counseling, and medical benefits, and Social Security disability benefits. Draft and develop supporting documentation for benefits claims. Peer counsel clients and their families on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to understand and adapt to negative behaviors created by violence to promote positive support and recovery. Obtain compassionate emergency and routine care for illnesses and symptoms secondary to MST.

Promote stability of MST victims and their immediate families by securing housing, public assistance, clothing, and employment. Escort clients to legal and medical appointments. Handle crisis calls on private hotline to include family break-ups, suicide attempts, hospitalizations, termination of employment, and fiscal emergencies.

Promote eradication of McDowell checklist, the Feres Doctrine and 5 Laws of Immunity which are currently used to protect sex offenders, prosecution and persecution of victims who report MST to include civilian victims of military recruiters.

Promote a system whereby sex offenders' records follow them into civilian life, decreasing the possibility that sex offenders can participate in such programs as Troops to Teachers or obtain employment in public schools and hospitals.

Promote a military and veteran society where the contributions of women as well as domestic violence and sexual harassment and abuse are taken seriously.

Promote equity in access to legal entitlement of benefits earned through military service by educating veterans on available services and benefits and guiding them through applications and processes to include appeals.

Caseload includes men, women, and children abused by military recruiters and active duty personnel. Clients come from Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines and encompass a span of 70 years of service. Represents clients on several continents: ready to fly to Korea, North Carolina, or Portland, OR with only hours' notice to represent MST victims and transition them to safety.

See article about founder, Susan Avila-Smith


T.E.A.R. , Teens Experiencing Abusive Relationships

From TEAR’s Web Site, www.teensagainstabuse.org, 9/6/06

TEAR, is an organization fully run by teens. Our main goal is dating violence prevention through education. Since society often overlooks the fact that teens can experience abusive relationships, our mission is to educate society about the complexities and seriousness of violent dating relationships. We carry out this mission through presentations, distributing flyers and other materials, and participating in events such as fairs and charity events. Awareness is the key.

We aim to decrease the number of violent dating relationships by educating the teens before the problem occurs. TEAR had a vision that if teen dating abuse is taught early enough, it will stop this ever growing epidemic of violence in society. TEAR hopes through education and our personal experiences, we can reach out to as many teens as possible.

TEAR spreads awareness to educate the community about what a violent relationship is, how to look out for an abusive relationship, how to escape an unhealthy relationship, and much more. We are inspired to help victims gain enough courage to leave dangerous relationships when they are ready, and educate friends and family members to play a supporting role for the victim during this time. The most important aspect of leaving an abusive relationship is the victim's support system, so we help educate society as a whole so that everyone can take a role in preventing abuse.

TEAR's strength is having lived through teen dating violence first hand, whether it's seeing it from a victim's eyes or knowing how dating violence affects those surrounded by the victim. We have gone through our experiences to help others get the strength and courage to live free from fear and abuse.

The advantage of being teenagers ourselves, helps us connect with students on a personal level, and enables them to see that dating abuse is a reality. In addition, by educating parents and sharing our personal experiences, they can begin to be aware that it can happen to their children as well. We show the parents how to look out for the warning signs so they can also prevent dating abuse or perhaps help a victim. When speaking to teens, it is easier for them to relate to us because we are of the same age group. Due to TEAR's amount of knowledge on teen dating violence we find ourselves to be a valuable resource to teens and adults alike.

Dating Violence ends here, it ends now. Help us put an end to abuse.