A global campaign to raise awareness about violence against women
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Gloria Steinem
Author, Publisher, Activist

"One in Three Women™ females will be treated with violence in their lifetime. Only recognizing this worldwide truth can produce solutions. Please become part of the solution by bringing the One in Three Women™ campaign to your community. It's up to us."

More than two decades after founding Ms. magazine, Gloria Steinem remains America's most influential, eloquent, and revered feminist. Her 1992 book, Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem, was a number one bestseller and has been translated into 11 languages. MotherJones.com

Ginny NiCarthy
Counselor, Activist and Author, Getting Free (1982) and many other important works



My visits to Iraq, Colombia and Afghanistan have underlined for me the dangers of being a woman or girl in many parts of the world. In numerous countries women and girls are subjected to individual and institutional violence. It is critical that women (and men) unite in a worldwide campaign to stop the violence. The One in Three Women™ campaign is an excellent effort to connect us in that struggle."

Although Getting Free was written in 1982, it is still called the bible of all domestic violence texts. It's not just the content of the book--twenty-four chapters covering a gamut of issues--but the tone. Amazon.com

Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune
FaithTrust Institute Founder and Author

Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune supports the One in Three Women™ campaign, urging us to call upon our religious values to get involved, speak out, and Stop the Violence.

"One in Three Women™ women victims of violence is an outrage. And this figure has not changed substantially in the past 30 years. This is an affront to the religious values of all of our traditions. We are all called to 'Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living,' as Mother Jones said, so that one day this figure will be One in a Thousand."

Rena Owen

Rena Owen has long been a spokesperson for the cause of ending violence against women. As a One in Three Women™ campaign sponsor she offers the following:

"I played the role of a victim of domestic violence, Beth Heke, in the ground breaking New Zealand feature film, Once Were Warriors. The film tells the story of Jake Heke, a violent man who beats his wife and terrorizes his children, frequently when drunk. Yet Jake obviously loves his family. This is the universal story of the tragic reality of domestic violence. While much of our attention has been spent recently on terrorism in the Middle East, we should not lose sight of the terrorism many women and children experience everyday. One in Three Women™ reminds us of the on-going and unacceptable violence that still exists in our homes and communities around the world. This campaign has my full support! Please join and help us put an end to violence against women and children!!”

Ward Urion
Men's Network Against Domestic Violence
Board Vice-President Seattle, WA

"Last night my colleague from the Men's Network Against Domestic Violence and I sat down with our daughters for dinner to talk about what we had been doing that day and our discussion with State Athletic Directors about the Coaching Boys into Men anti-violence curriculum which we have been promoting. We invited their thoughts and listened as our daughters related several stories of parties that they'd been at where their girl friends had been assaulted physically or verbally with explicit sexually demeaning comments and things that happened in the hallways of their schools where girls were traumatized simply because they were girls. While they were talking, the campaign and the poignant numbers One in Three Women™ came front and center, and I realized that 2 of these 4 most wonderful human beings, that we both adored, could fall victim to sexual or physical violence in their lifetimes. I can't say enough about the importance of not only raising awareness with this simple yet powerful message, but integrating the reality of those statistics. For me and my colleague, and for every other father or brother who has a young daughter or wife or mother or sister in our lives, One in Three Women™ means nothing until translated personally to your daughter, your sister, your mother. To know that the world we currently live in and have collectively created would sacrifice at least 1 and perhaps 2 of them by virtue of their gender alone...not only landed like a punch to the gut, but clearly demonstrated the importance of the One in Three Women™ campaign."

Norm Stamper
Former Chief of Police,
Seattle Police Department
Author "Breaking Rank"

"Violence in the home is a precursor to all other forms of violence in society. A parent who abuses his partner and/or his child teaches the child that differences and disagreements can be resolved by fists or a hammer or a gun. If we want to reduce crime and fear on our streets and in our schools and in our workplaces, we'll concentrate on ending domestic violence. That's why I made domestic violence prevention and enforcement my police department's number one priority. And it's why I'm proud to support One in Three Women™ ."